1.  Why rent a stroller?

If you’re coming to Orlando with kids, you’re probably planning on visiting theme parks. These parks are super exciting, but they can also be really tiring even for adults, especially if you want to go on every ride and see every attraction in one day. It is a great idea to have a stroller to carry your child so they can rest a little between rides and make your strolling much easier. Renting a stroller is also a convenient solution when traveling, because bringing a stroller with you from home is one extra item to pack and carry around.

2.  What’s the difference between your strollers and the ones I find in parks?

Usually, you’ll find strollers for rent inside the parks. Besides the fact that theme park strollers can’t recline, they are typically made of plastic, less comfortable, and you’re not allowed to take them outside the park. Our strollers offer safe and comfortable rides, with full reclining seats and accessories. You can easily fold your rented stroller, put it in your trunk, and take it everywhere you need – all theme parks, stores, shopping malls and even other cities. Plus, you won’t need to carry your sleeping kid back to the car after a long day.

3.  How can I rent a stroller or other baby products?

It’s really easy to rent our products. Simply choose which one you prefer, select the pickup and return dates, pick free accessories, add optional insurance, and add it to your cart. The price will be automatically adjusted at checkout. When you finish adding products to your cart, you can proceed to checkout. Select your delivery option and accept our “Terms of Service.” After paying for your order, your product/products will be reserved.

4.  What paying methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and PayPal. All information is securely encrypted.

5.  What are your delivery options? Do you deliver to my hotel?

We deliver for free to up to 15 miles from our Pick-up Center. Mon - Fri: 8am - 11am, Sat 9:30am - 12pm, Sun 11:30am - 1:30pm.

You can also pick up your order at our Pick-Up Center:
7524 Currency Drive,
Orlando, Florida, 32809.

*Disney properties DO NOT accept the stroller if the customer is not present.
*If we are unable to deliver the product because the client is not present, a $20 fee will be charged for each re-delivery attempt.

6.  Do you clean the strollers between rents?

We clean all products when they are returned and before they’re picked up. Stroller covers and parts are properly cleaned by the manufacturer’s instruction, ensuring a higher lifespan and quality products for our customers.

7.  What if my stroller has a malfunction?

If your stroller has a malfunction or appears dangerous in any way, stop using it and notify our team immediately. We can correct the problem or replace your stroller if needed. If you no longer want to keep the rental, or MacroBaby cannot provide you a replacement, we will refund your payment for any unused portion of time.

8.  Does the stroller comes with rain covers?

Our strollers come with a free rain cover and cooler bag. They're optional items, so be sure to add them when you are selecting your accessories.

9.  What if my child has an accident in the stroller?

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid an accident and we absolutely understand that, but due to the extra cleaning needed, a $40 fee will be charged when a stroller is returned excessively dirty.

10. What happens if my stroller is damaged, lost, or stolen?
Unless you purchased the optional insurance, you will be charged for loss or any damage caused to the stroller, parts or accessories during the rental period. Minor scratches: $20.00 minimum; Moderate damage: $45.00 minimum; Severe damage – Full price of stroller.

11. Can I change the return date?

If you need to extend your rental period, please call MacroBaby Stroller Rental. We can check if your product will be available for the selected dates.

12. Can I cancel my rent?

If you want to cancel your rent, please call MacroBaby. Orders canceled up to 48 hours prior to the first rental day will be refunded in full. Otherwise, the refund will be the total amount collected minus $50.